2 year old "well" baby and then some

Well, today was Kyndall's 2 year appointment.

Her weight: 22.08lbs, putting her in the 4th percentile for weight, also keeping on her weight growth curve since birth.

Her height: 33.5inches, putting her in the 37th percentile for height. She jumped up quite a bit from her 18 month appointment where she was in the 23rd percentile, and way up from her 12 month appointment when she was so far below the charts it wasn't funny.

Her head: 19inches, putting her in the 67th percentile. Big head means bring brain, right? :)

Her pediatrician also discovered she's got an ear infection, but we caught it early so he gave us an antibiotic to prevent it from getting worse.

And now for the "then some."

Look at this super cute pillowcase shirt!

And this adorable outfit! The pants are a little big, but we'll put a dart or two in them, and they'll be perfect!

I got them from here. Aren't the adorable!!!

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Kacy said...

Yay! You got those outfits from my Aunt Cindy! They are really cute, but Kyndall makes them even cuter. I love that sassy-sweet smile in the first picture. :-)