Snow Day

Yesterday, we got an unexpected snow day!

Originally, my job was going to open at 10 since the local school that we follow for weather delays/closings was only going to start late, but the school changed their mind and closed- like everyone else already had across most of the state of Texas.

The snow day was good because it gave Kyndall an extra day to recoup from being sick. It also gave her a chance to run off some of her excess energy since we could let her go outside(which would not have happened had she had school.)

This time, I made sure to get a picture of her and me together in the snow since I didn't back in January.

Look at how big the flakes were! That's pretty insane when you consider I live in East Texas!

Of course, we did some diaper box sledding this time too. Kyndall would have gone up and down the hill all day if we had let her!

She wanted to go down her slide, but the steps were too slippery so Daddy had to help out.

She made it down pretty quickly, and cleaned off the slide pretty well too! When she got up, it looked like she was wearing white pants rather than black.

Kyndall's outlook on snow is 100% different than it was last year! Last year she didn't want to touch it, have anything to do with it, and wanted to go inside as soon as we got outside. This year, she can't get enough of it.
This morning, we walked outside and most of the snow had melted, and Kyndall said, "snow go bye byes." I think she was a little sad, but there's always next year!

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