Sic 'em Bears

Today over at Kelly's Korner, her Show Us Your Life theme is Alma Maters(aka where you went to school.)

Well, if you can't figure it out from the title, I went to Baylor University, in Waco, Texas. Graduated in December 2005.

Mascot: The Bear
Colors: Green and Gold
Founded: By the Republic of Texas on February 1, 1845, making it the oldest university in the state.
Favorite Traditions: Homecoming, Sing, Island Party, and Diadeloso
Other facts: Since 1953 the university has hosted Dr. Pepper hour every Tuesday from 3 to 4 pm. Famous Baylor Alumni include: Jeff Dunham (comedian and ventriloquist), Angela Kinsey (The Office), Michael Johnson (4 time Olympic Gold Medalist), the members of The David Crowder Band, and Ann Richards (former governor of Texas). Parts of Hope Floats was filmed on the Baylor campus, including the Armstrong Browning Library.

Why I chose Baylor: Well, growing up in a Baptist church my whole life and seeing so many graduating seniors going there, I decided to look into it and fell in love with it. Well, that and my mom had bought me some Baylor things when I was super little.

While, I only spent 3 1/2 years there(yes, I did cram 4 years into 3 1/2 years. I took a lot of summer classes), I enjoyed 98% of my time there. My freshman year, I live in Collins, along with about 600 other girls. Sophomore year, I lived in Dawson, and my junior and senior years, I live off campus in an apartment. I made so many wonderful memories and friends while I was there. I remember one particular thing about my freshman year. It was a snow day so a couple of girls from my hall went walking(well more like skating) around campus.

I was not in any sororities and didn't do much outside of school work and go to sporting events. While we were not known for our football team back then, it was still loads of fun to go to the games! Homecoming was always a blast with the bonfire the night before and the parade the morning of the game. Chad and I have made it back to one Homecoming since then, but I hope to make it to another one.

Now that we have Kyndall, she has been Baylor-fied from the get go! She has been to a football game and has been to campus a few times.

Here we are next to Judge Baylor:

AHHHH! Sic 'em Bears!!


Melissa said...

Stopped by from Kelly's Korner. I'm a fellow alum - sic 'em!! Your daughter is adorable!

Kim said...

Thanks Melissa

Emily P. said...

YAY! Another bear blogger

Lyndsey said...

Woohoo, Sic Em!! Class of '08

Jennifer said...

Sic Em!! Class of '95 alum :)