4th of July Celebrations

Every year at Kyndall's school, they have a 4th of July parade. It's an explosion of red, white, and blue! All the kids and teachers wear red, white, and blue, and then they have glasses, stickers, flags, streamers, balloons, necklaces, headbands, etc to help celebrate!

Here is Kyndall in the parade! (Her outfit came from This One's Mine)

We had these plans to go to swim lessons, and then go sit and eat and wait for fireworks to start, but we had some storms come up out of nowhere. Those storms cause swim lessons to be cancelled, which in turn cancelled the picnic in the parking lot we had planned. Since we had extra time, we had our picnic at home!

After much deliberation and radar looking, we decided to go ahead and head to watch the fireworks. Kyndall enjoyed watching them, at least the colors, but not so much the sound! She was either in the cab of the truck, or tucked into our shoulder.

Here is a rare glimpse of a smile during the show.

While she was scared of them, she was pretty upset that they were over. She was pouting and kept saying, "I want more fiworks!"

Maybe next year she'll enjoy them more.

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