Mayborn Science Museum

Well, on Sunday after the reunion, we took Kyndall back to the Mayborn Science Museum. We met up with some friends. Both Kyndall and Connor are 2 1/2, and Collin is almost 1! They had a blast!!

Here they are taking a little bit of a breather from all the fun and taking time to read a couple of books. This lasted all of about 30 seconds before they were up and running again!

Last year, the dads had a tea party with the kids, so we had to recreate it again this year!

We tried this last year, but Kyndall wouldn't stand still long enough to let the bubble come all the way up before she popped it, but this year she did. We actually got a full bubble up a couple of times, but her favorite part was when it popped. She would laugh so hard!

I'm sure this will continue to be a stop on our trip down to Waco every year. It'll be fun to watch and see what new things the kids can do every year!

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