Corn MAiZE

Yesterday, we went to the next town over to the corn maze. My brother came in so he went with us. We had a pretty good time, and I'm sure it'll become a yearly tradition!

They had a cute little set up to take pictures, but Kyndall wasn't so excited about doing that so the only one I got was of her on the little tractor.

Instead of a sand box, they had a corn box. I mean what else would they have at a corn maze? Kyndall had a ton of fun playing in it. She dug in it and even made a corn angel. She did have about 20 pieces of corn in her shoes though by the time she was done!

Through out the maze, Kyndall was out fearless leader. She would look at her "map" and tell us which way to go. She got us though the first half of the maze pretty quickly, but the

second half, we got pretty turned around and had to get a little help from the "corn cop."

We rode on the hay ride, which was just a covered trailer pulled by a tractor, but to a 2 year old, it was super fun!

They also had duck races, where you raced little duckies down drains by pumping the water up. Kyndall could have done this all day if we would have let her. She did it twice that day for about 10 minutes both times.

The maze has this awesome jumping pillow. It's like they took a blob and sunk it in the ground. If you know anything about Kyndall, she LOVES to jump(on just about anything!) So when she saw this, she took off towards it. She jumped for a good 20 minutes. Again, she would have done this all day if we would have let her.

There was also a barrel train, which she wanted to ride, but not by herself. Therefore, I had to get in with her. It was probably a 4-5 minute ride around the maze and was pretty bumpy, but she had a pretty good time laughing the whole time.

I finally got her to sit on a pumpkin and take her picture.

All in all, we had a good time, and next year will probably be pretty fun too!

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