Dallas World Aquarium

This weekend, we went to Dallas for Chad's birthday. We went to the aquarium and the Dallas Zoo.

We took a family picture in front of this waterfall last year, almost to the day. Goodness how things have changed!

Kyndall was super fascinated by the HUGE tank. I think she's telling me that that is "a big fish!"

By the time we got there, it was almost time for the shark feeding. We got to the shark tunnel a little early so we sat and watched the shark and sting rays swim over head and just inches away!

(Our shirts came from It's a Preemie Thing)

The aquarium doesn't just have fish, they have birds, penguins, bugs, and in the middle is a jaguar. It was pacing up down on one side of its cage, so Kyndall sat down on the other side. The jaguar changed directions, and it freaked her out a little bit. However, she thought it was pretty funny!

They also had a Mayan dance show close to the jaguar. Kyndall enjoyed watching them dance, and watched them intently, but wasn't too interested in having her picture taken with them.

We've only been twice, but its amazing to be able to see so many of God's creatures that we wouldn't be able to normally see without the aquarium.

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