Birthday- Version 3, Part 2

My mom has thrown Kyndall a family party the last couple of years so that my family won't have to travel so far to celebrate. Let's just say that this kiddo is blessed(or spoiled depending on who you ask). I mean she went to Chuck E. Cheese, opened some gifts, and went to Olive Garden yesterday, had a party today, and has one next week!

Kyndall, you are a miracle and deserve to be celebrated!

You insisted that Grandma get Tinkerbell on your cake. She did!

Last year you had issues with blowing out the candles, but not this year!
"Don't think about taking my ice cream bud!"

Even though Tinkerbell has moved into the #1 spot, Minnie Mouse is #2, and you still get excited about her.

I still can't believe you're 3 years old!

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