Merry Christmas

Because of Chad's work schedule, we did Christmas early. We did our Christmas Eve tradition on Friday and Christmas Day on Saturday.

Kyndall made out like a bandit! It was the year of Tinkerbell. I didn't know so much existed!

Checking out her stocking! She got Orbeez, which are the little water ball things.

Santa brought a kitchen! She's been asking for one of these since at least August.

Uncle Mikey got her Duplos. She has played with them a lot since she opened them!

She also got new puppets!

Christmas Eve we went to my Grandma's house for our traditional Christmas Eve dinner and to open presents. I some how didn't take but just a very few pictures, and those were taken at the end.

Here is GG with her 2 great granddaughters.

While Christmas has come and gone with lots of food, fun, and presents, we haven't forgotten the real reason. Happy Birthday Jesus!

Speaking of birthdays, I can't believe Kyndall will be 3 in 5 short days!

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