It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, we've done somethings to help get into the spirit!

A couple of cities over, they do a big light display every year down town. We haven't gone since Chad and mine's first Christmas married, but we decided to take Kyndall this year to see the lights. It was a little disappointing for the adults but to an almost 3 year old, it was fantastic!

Here we are in front of the court house.

They had the world's largest rocking horse for people to ride on. Kyndall looks so small on it, and Daddy had to ride on it too.

There was also a 45 FOOT slide. Kyndall could have done this all night long if we would have let her! She went twice- once with me(pictured) and once with her daddy.

Every year at the church I grew up in, and the church Chad and I got married in they hold a Carols and Candles service. I have gone all but 1 or 2 years(one of which was 3 years ago when I was on bed rest) since I was almost 3. I figured that since Kyndall is almost 3, I'd see how she did during the service. She was a little restless before it started, but once it got going, she did really well! She did take about a 10 minute nap during the service, but woke up in time to light the candle. She held it super still and watched it closely. I can see this being a tradition that will continue for years to come!

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