Epcot- Day 3

Well, day 3 was spent at Epcot.

We started the day by hunting for C and mine's plaque thing that we bought on our honeymoon. It took us a little while, but we found it! A part of us will forever be at Disney World.

One of the biggest attractions for Kyndall at Epcot, was the water pads. I think she played in this one for about 20 minutes and didn't pass up the chance to play in the other water.

We stopped at the Living Seas. Kyndall LOVES watching the fish and other sea animals swim. Here she is with 2 HUGE manatees.

Kyndall and Uncle Mikey got ate by Bruce! Apparently fish are friends, but people aren't.

See, more water play. This time at the jumping waters.

Meeting "Sweeping Booty." Kyndall saw her put her hair behind her ear and asked her to do the same. Kyndall talked the rest of the day about how Sweeping Booty "fixed" her hair.

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