Final Day- day 5

The last day we were there was a short day. We had to get back on the road to head back home, but we had a couple of things still on our list that we wanted to see and do.

Proof that C and I did actually go on this trip, and it wasn't just Kyndall and Uncle Mikey!

We had somehow made it to the last day, and we had not seen Mickey and Minnie. What's a trip without seeing them?! We waited in line for about 45min to see them, but the look on Kyndall's face made it all worth it.

 We had also heard about the Harmony Barber Shop that will do haircuts. We bit the bullet and got Kyndall her first haircut.

 One last picture before we head home!

We plan on going back in early December 2015, when the baby is 3. We'll plan both of the girls' birthdays down there since we'll go between the two.

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