Trip to the hospital

Friday I didn't feel too good, and even was running a low grade fever. my lower abdomen hurt, but I just thought is was because I didn't feel good and hadn't eaten a lot for dinner.

I thought that when I got home and ate a little more and got some sleep I'd feel better Saturday morning. However, when I woke up on Saturday to go to work, I was in more pain. We decided that we'd rather be safe than sorry, and went up to the hospital. We went to the ER desk, and they sent us straight to the admitting window to go up to labor and delivery.

When we got up there, they hooked me up to all the monitors and stuff. As soon as we heard Kyndall's heartbeat, I starting to cry. it was the best sound I could have heard at that time. She also apparently did not like the monitor because she got really active and started kicking or hitting it and running from it. We had to keep moving the monitor to keep the heart beat.

They also hooked me up to the contraction monitor, which they NEVER saw anything, which is what we wanted.

In the end, I have a slight infection. They pushed a bag of fluid and an antibiotic. I have filled my prescription as well. Hopefully, this will clear up soon.

She is perfectly fine, and I am getting better.

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