Dr's appt.

Well it was an adventure this time! First off, we went to our scheduled appt. on Tuesday, but the doctor was at the hospital and probably wouldn't make it back for her late afternoon appts. so we rescheduled for Wednesday.

When we got there Wednesday, we had to sit in the waiting room for over an hour. When we did get back to the office, we found out that her morning had started off with a c-section that the check in was unaware of. We finally did get to see her an hour and a half after the appt. was scheduled for.

Everything went well, but apparently for me, once I hit 30 weeks, it was like the first trimester started over. I have been sick and the heartburn is worse then ever. They may put me on prilosec twice a day instead of the normal once. They may even do more labs to find out more about my heartburn.

Kyndall is fine, her heart rate is good. My weight has finally stabled out...I have stayed the same for the last 4 visits-which is better than losing like I had been doing. I am measuring only about 1 cm more than I should be, but she said that was fine.

I am going back in 2 weeks. After that I have one more 2 week, and then we move into every week! That means its getting close!!

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