Weekend in the hospital

Thursday night, I was cramping so badly that my kidney's were hurting- I thought... I called my doctor Friday, and told her what was going on, and she wants to run a test to check for a kidney infection.

I went to work on Friday, but didn't make it til 9. At about 6, I was in a lot of pain, but told myself that I could make it-WRONG. At about 8, I told my boss that I was in a lot of pain-not labor pain, but kidney stone. He ran down from the store to the gas station and told me to close early.

As soon as I got home, we went to the hospital. Again, we went straight to labor and deliver and were hooked up to the monitors. They did some urine and blood work, and pretty much determined that it was, in fact a kidney stone. We were admitted after Dr. Yancy came in and saw us. They had to keep us over night because the sono techs were gone for the night and they wanted to do a renal sono to find out where and how big the stone was. Of course we were still hooked up the the monitor, but I was also on an IV with antibiotic and pain/nausea meds. However, the meds didn't affect Kyndall. She was as active as ever. They kept having to come in like every 2 hours or so to find her again on the monitor because she had run away- she even did a 180 and once they found her on the other side, 20 min. Later she did another 180 and was back to the original side.

Saturday morning, after shift change, Dr. Morton came in, to check on me and baby. She did say that because there were no contractions and her heart beat was strong I didn't have to stay on the monitor, but they were going to do a 30 min. strip every 4 hours to check her heart. Once we decided that, they came and got me for my renal sono...I was out of that by 9:15, and they called the on call urologist(who just happened to be my normal urologist) at 9:30. However, because he was only urologist on call for his group, he had all the other patients too. So we pretty much just hung out until 5:30 when he finally came to see us. He said that the because of the location of the stone(blocking the trac to the bladder) and the size(12 mm) that there was no way I could pass it and the best and safest solution while pregnant was to put in a stint. Again, we had to stay another night. However, we were moved from a L&D room to a postpartum room, which is bigger, has a more comfy bed for mom, and since we had a semi-private room, Chad had a bed rather than the fold out chair he had in L&D. Dr. Erickstadt(urologist) also put me back on a solid food diet til midnight. I had been on a clear liquid until then. During the night Saturday, they had to come in to get fetal heart tones and my vitals every 4 hours-which means I got more sleep then the night before because they weren't coming in all the time to find Kyndall on the monitor. I was also given pain meds which helped me sleep.

Sunday morning, they came and got me for my surgery at about 8, which was good because we were trying to make it to our first shower-which all docs and nurses knew about and were trying their hardest to get us to. Around 8:20 the anesthesiologist came and told us what he was going to be doing. He said the safest route was to do a spinal(epidural without constant meds) because putting me to sleep could be fatal to the baby if something was to go wrong. They got me into the OR around 8:42(they was the time they said once I was on the table). He did the spinal, and then had to do a rush restart (in my wrist) on my IV because it was stopped running into my vein and my hand/arm was swollen. Once the spinal took affect, it was a weird feeling- I could see my legs, but I couldn't feel nor move them on my own. I was done with the procedure around 9:27(again, they said the time). By the time I was in recovery, I was able to move my left toes. By the time I was back in my room, I could uncontrollably move my legs. They hooked me up to the monitors again and was doing vitals every 20 min. Dr. Morton came back in and said that she was giving me the okay to leave once I could meet the requirements of Dr. Erickstadt. by 12:30, I was able to do that, which was walk and go to the bathroom. By 12:45, we were discharged.

We came home and changed and made it to the baby shower, a little late, but we made it. At the shower, we got lots of stuff- bedding, blankets, bathtub, piggy banks, paci's, etc. After the shower, we got my meds and came home.

Also, as a followup to the surgery, about 2 weeks after delivery, he is going to go back in, take out the stint, and break up the stones-yes, I said stones. the 12mm, an 8 mm, and a 9 mm one. not fun...

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