16 Months!

My dear Kyndall! It is so hard to believe that you are 16 months old!
What are you up to these days?
  • You weigh 19lbs 4oz.
  • You are about 29-30inches tall.
  • You can still wear size 2-3 diapers
  • You wear some 3-6 month, but have moved up to 6-9 month clothes!
  • You LOVE to be outside and run, but you're not such a big fan of the dogs.
  • You can say lots of words! Momma, mommy, dada, daddy, milk, ball, here, bye, hi, whoa, yes, no, something that sounds like please, DC(one of the dog's name), look, whats that, side(outside), blastoff, ohhh, and a few more.
  • I can put your hair in a pony tail! And amazingly, you sit still long enough for me to do it.
  • You have started "talking" on the phone.
  • You're newest thing is climb on the couch and build a pillow fort around you(see picture above)
  • You got a new crib
  • You really like your teacher at school, Ms. Stephanie, but I really think Mrs. Mary(baby room teacher) is your favorite!
  • You are in a phase were you don't want to eat a whole lot at any one time.
  • You have discovered cereal bars and rice cakes!

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