Thoughtless Thursday

Its time for Thoughtless Thursday over at Life in the Fulmer Lane!

For today's entry, I decided to do a flashback picture.

This is Kyndall, one year ago, after her first tasting of green beans! As you can tell, she enjoyed them.


Katie said...

omgoodness! SUCH cuteness!!! thanks for playing cute girl!!!

Summer said...

Such cuteness I just love this!! She is a big fan of Green Beans...ya outta see Kelcee's pic with her first bite of green beans um it was a complete spit back out kinda yucko I don't like these moment LOL....

Summer :0)

MaggieK said...

I love it...how adorable. My guy doesn't seem to be loving green beans (but we keep trying them)....sweet potato / carrots on the other hand are his favs.