Show us your life- Hometown

This week over at Kelly's Korner, shes doing Show us your Life Hometown Edition!

My hometown is pretty boring most of time time, but Longview is pretty decent. If you've never heard of Longview, that is perfectly normal, we're just a small town in East Texas. Our population is probably around the 78-80,000 mark...

Maybe one of the most interesting things about Longview, is that the bank was robbed by the Dalton Gang on May 23, 1894. The bank is now the city museum, which growing up in Longview is a field trip that you take every year for about 3 years...They also celebrate the robbery every year by having a reenactment of it called Dalton Days. I went once, and it may be something we take Kyndall too, once, when shes a little older.

Another thing that's cool about Longview, is the Great Texas Balloon Race held every July. Its so fun to watch the balloons float across the sky. They have live bands and food and games. I'm hoping we can take Kyndall this year to it. Chad and I have not been since we've been together, and that'll be 7 years this July!

Longview is also home to the Longview Lobos! Longview High School is the biggest high school in town, with close to 2000 students. I was a Lobo from 1998-2002. Our football is pretty good and the band is amazing!

Every year in June, we have what we call Alley Fest. Its an annual art show that features local and out of town artists, bands, and other venues. They call it Alley Fest because some of the shops are set up in the alleys of down town.

Well, I hope you enjoyed you're tour of Longview.


Christa said...

Thanks for the tour! My cousin is from the east Texas area (Mt. Pleasant).

Lee Ann said...

I was so excited to see some local girls commenting on my post! I'm always looking for local bloggers! Have fun at that MHS graduation. My experience with them has always been hot and long!

McCall said...

Just saw Longview and thought I would say 'Hello!" Then I saw Chrisa say she knows someone from Mt. Pleasant...that's where I'm from! Crazy! We shop in Longview all the time!! Only Bealls here...Boo!

Krystal said...

Hey I'm just popping in from Kelly's Korner! I'm in Longview also! My husband grew up in Longview. He went to school at Spring Hill. I grew up in New Diana. I hate to give out too much personal info so I'll stop now :)

Your baby is precious! Enjoyed the tour!


Jaime said...

I feel sorta like family. I grew up dreading playing Longview-Pinetree in athletics. Were you guys rivals too?

Gina said...

I'm from Longview...you represented well. Have to admit the Pine Tree Pirates had an awesome band too!