Kyndall's new bed

Yep, Kyndall got a new crib today...After 16 months of life, and 14 1/2 months of sleeping in it, we had to get a new one...Why? Because of a HUGE crib recall. No, ours wasn't a drop side crib, but this recall had nothing to do with the sides, but more of the mattress support.

I was feeling a little sentimental this morning so I had to get a few last pictures of Kyndall in her first bed!

Here she is this afternoon in her new crib! After spending 3 hours at Burlington(fighting and trying to get what we were looking for to replace everything we had to take in due to the recall...) and about 30-45 minutes of putting it together.
She looks so little in it! The main reason for that is because we put the mattress on the lowest setting(because shes starting to jump and climb a little) and the railing is taller than the last.

Hopefully there won't be another recall that includes this crib! The one we went through was enough!


Ashley said...

Oh man, same ordeal here!! I got very teary eyed taking apart her crib and returning it...it was much hard than I thought :)

Kim said...

Yeah, I didn't want to take the first one back either, but Kyndall's safety is more important than a bed!