Art time with Kyndall

So this summer, I am off on Wednesday's from work. I am trying to find things to fill the day with a very active toddler that doesn't nap during the day if she's not at school.

This week, I'm not sure what I was thinking, but I decided to let Kyndall have at it with the paint. I didn't know how she'd do with free range, so we stripped her down and put her in a diaper. I'm glad we did!

She started out pretty tame and was painting the paper.

Shortly after that though, she decided her toes needed to be painted, so she painted them. One foot purple, the other red and brown.

After her toes, I guess she decided her nose needed to be painted! (This was also the only thing she remembered because today at school, she told everyone she painted her nose.)

At this point, I just told her to have fun and go for it. She took full advantage!

Not sure how she managed it, but she painted her back as well!

Afterwards, she was immediately taken to the bath!

Not sure what we'll do next week, but I can almost guarantee it will not involve paint. Oh well, every day is an adventure! One day she'll look back, and (I hope) think, man that was fun!

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