3 weeks

Little K is 3 weeks old! Well, 3 weeks 2 days.

The last 2 weeks have been eventful. Life doesn't slow down after a baby, I think it gets crazier- and a little sleepier. HA!

What have we done in weeks 2 and 3?

Gone to church for the first(and second time). I have yet to hear an entire sermon since taking Little K, but I guess that's part of taking a newborn to church.

We went to the Christmas parade. Big K enjoyed it! Little K slept for the first half, and then one of the bands woke her up. She finished "watching" the parade from being tucked into my sweatshirt.

Gpa finally made it! Big K was super excited about him getting here, and she's been all about him since he got here. Gpa has been soaking up his time with the girls as well.

Little K had her first "play date." I went to a friends house so she could help me figure out my Moby. The other little one is 2 days shy of being a month older than Little K.

We saw Santa again at dinner. Little K was awake, and didn't cry, despite being hungry! It was her dinner time too.

During the last 2 weeks, we have also been struggling with Little K's weight. She was gaining very slowly and was not back to birth weight at 2 weeks old. 48 hours later, she was at exact birth weight, and then 48 hours later, she had dropped below again. That weekend, we spent most of the time trying to get her to eat. At 3 weeks old, she had surpassed her birth weight by 6oz! We go back on the 31st for another weight check just to make sure we're still going the right direction.


Mom In The USA said...

Hi Kim,
Congratulations on your beautiful baby. Both kids look amazing.
We had the same weight issue with our second daughter. It turns out she wasn't nursing correctly. Our ped had a lactation consultant in his office. After an appt with her, our baby Bina gained 2 lbs in two weeks. Good luck!
Thank you for linking up to the Thumping Thursdays blog hop.


Jelli said...

Kim, enjoy those sweet littles. Congratulations on the new baby. I imagine you are running on a lot less sleep these days. Hope you figured out your Moby. We have a Sleepywrap that we used almost daily from the time our little girl was about your baby's age. I couldn't love it more. I concur that sermon listening is definitely harder with a new baby. Does your church record sermons and put them online? Maybe that'd be an option for you. Thanks so much for linking with the mommy-brain mixer this week.

katie ridings said...

I'm loving the chevron top!! That print is so cute :)