First week at home

So we've been home for a week now. So crazy! Not the week, but the fact that we've been home for that long. That Little K is already 9 days old. How has time gone by so fast?

First night home. Wearing gingerbread men pajama's from Mimi.

First bath at home. Little K was NOT a fan, but Big K enjoyed helping. (And for the record, the second bath wasn't any better...)

Little K got to meet Granny and Pawpa...

...and GG and her cousin.

We Face Timed with Gpa. He's at his house, 16 hours away, while Gma is here helping us so this was the first time that he got to see her in something other than just pictures.  Big K can't wait for him to get here.

We went and saw Santa. She slept the whole time, no surprise there. It'll be interesting to see what next year's picture will look like!

And we had newborn/Christmas/family pictures done when she was 5 days old.

OK, so maybe the week has been a little crazy, but she has rolled with the punches.

Also, Big K is starting to have some attitude and listening issues. I knew it would happen. She is all about sister, wants to help, wants to hold, wants to love on, but is having a bit of a hard time adjusting to not being the center of attention all the time. Any advise on how to handle this change?


Tami said...

When a new baby enters the home, the older children always take a few steps backwards. They need an adjustment period. Be extra patient and keep your rules. Don't give in to temper tantrums but pick your battles. And don't worry, it won't be forever. :)

Kim said...

Thanks Tami :)

Suburban Momma said...

Oh my goodness! She is gorgeous! Both of them, really. You are not helping with my baby fever, hehe. Don't worry, I'm sure once big sis has adjusted to the change she'll be fine. :)

New follower. Found you through the Mommy Brain Mixer.


Maria Lipkin said...

oh my gosh, they are so precious!
Congrats mama!
Love all the photos!

Kimmyyy83 said...

So sweet!!!!! Love the last B&W one too! precious!

Revamp Spunky Rena said...

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Annmarie Pipa said...

oh congrats..beautiful photos..

Laura said...

I'm nervous for this transition too... next month for us! It's a big change for any older sibling, so it'll take some time, I'm sure... but you guys will figure it out. :] The photos are precious.

Naptime Review said...

Stopping by from Thumping Thursdays. Congrats on the beautiful baby. Have a great Christmas.

Julie @ Naptime Review

Nicole Buckingham said...

oh these are such sweet times. I want to just wrap you and your loves in the sweetest cocoon. Take your time moving through the days... adjustment always seems to come.

I'm stopping by from Ephesians 5:33 Wife to say "hi" and to invite you to join for An Aloha Affair, a sweet gathering and growing together of creative souls. You are always welcome. Always.


Melissa Ryan said...

Aww such sweet pics. I miss having a little squishy baby.


Enjoying the Epiphany said...

Congratulations!! Yay you! I am your newest follower and was hoping that you would follow me back!



Briana Jeffers said...

Thanks for sharing all the photos of your little girls. I love the last one in this post.

For your older daughter just be patient but stick to the rules you already had established to let her know your expectations for her haven't changed. It sounds like you are already including her as much as you can in baby care. She should get used to the new routine and then get back to her usual self. You could also praise her a lot for being a good and helpful big sister. I also find giving them lots of little jobs like fetching the wipes gives them a sense of importance. Good luck!

Shanay Worthy said...

Congrats! I love the last picture of your two girls, this is really beautiful.

New Follower!

rebecca said...

The photos are just completely adorable. And congrats on the baby! I just had a baby as well. One month ago to be exact. I really love the last photo. I am going to have to do this with my two children for xmas cards.

Sarah Avila said...

Isn't it amazing how those last few weeks of pregnancy can drag on, but the days and weeks after just fly by?!

Love that picture at the end! Absolutely precious!!!


Glad you checked in!