At almost 4, Big K is finally a fan of Santa.

Her first Christmas, and just about 1 year of age, we for your classic screaming child. 2nd Christmas, we snuck Santa into the room and he's peeking around the tree and she has no idea he's in the room. 3rd Christmas, she talked to him, but wouldn't let go of her tight grip on me so I'm in the picture too.

This year, was a different story. She wanted to see him. Little K slept the whole time, which made for a cute sleeping baby picture.


Kera said...

Oh my goodness!! That last photo of Santa "sleeping" with your new little one is just precious. Your babies are beautiful. Makes me excited to have another one in the near future. And yes, last year my daughter was 2 months old so she slept as well. I guess that timeframe from ages 1 to 2 1/2 or 3 is tricky!

Follow you now, mama! Looking forward to reading more :)

Landon said...

That Santa is a rockstar! And what a precious picture!

Ribambelle said...

Oh how cute :)

You got a great Blog.

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Just let me know :)