Letters to Kyndall

Dated May 11, 2008:

Well, its Mother's Day...Of all the days to find out that you're in there. Daddy and I have waited a long time for this day. I'm not sure what daddy is thinking right now, but I'm sure its a combo of excitement and anxiety- kinda like me. I'm going to call the doctor tomorrow to get an appointment to see how things are going.

This is daddy. I am so excited that you are in there and am so ready for you to come out.
Dated Nov. 3, 2008:
My dear Kyndall,
Well, its mommy. Since the last note I wrote you(the day we found out you were coming) we have seen you twice. The first time, you were our little peanut! The second time, we found out you're a girl, only after 30 min of trying to get you to open up. We also got to see your face-well, only half since you wouldn't move your hands!
The doctor says you sound good and healthy every time we go to see her.
Your daddy is so ready to meet you, and so am I. He is already watching out for you. He even bought you your first pair of shoes- little cowgirl boots! Daddy is even taking a class just for new daddies.
We know the grandparents are excited. Your Granny and Pawpa are already getting you things. So are Grandma and Grandpa.
Only 11 more weeks til we get to meet you, and we cannot wait.
Love always,

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