Bittersweet Symphony

Well, this is my last week at work. I have 7 hours left until I am not longer employed.

I was thinking tonight, while I was at work, that this is a bittersweet time in my life. I am excited about moving on and seeing what God has in store for me and what doors will be opened. However, I am scared because I don't know how long Chad and I can make it on his paycheck alone. Hopefully it won't take forever before I find a new job, one that I will be good at and enjoy.

Things that I won't miss about my job:
1) Rude customers
2) Customers who can't count or read the sign above the express lane stating "About 12 items or LESS"
3) People who think they are better than everyone else
4) Annoying opera music

Things I will miss about my job:
1) Customers whom I have gotten to know on a first name basis, know whats happening and are praying
2) A few key co-workers whom I have grown to love within the last 17 months
3) A steady income. (Hopefully this one won't last long, and I find a new job soon)

What do you not miss and/or miss about your old job? How long did it take you to find a new one?

Please continue to pray that God will open the door to a new job soon. Thanks!

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