God Answers Prayers

So as some of you know, today was my last day at Super 1.

I have been looking for a new job that would allow me to work M-F and have set hours that would allow me to pick Kyndall up from daycare. Well, this isn't a permanent job, but it is something that will bring in some income.

One of the teacher's at Kyndall's daycare is going on maternity leave pretty soon, and I am going to be the sub in that room until the normal teacher returns. It will be M-F 11-6. I won't be making as much per hour as I was at Super 1, but I am working more hours. Also, and this is the biggest blessing- Kyndall gets to go for FREE while I am working there. That means we get to "pocket" and extra $435 a month while I am there. Also, another blessing- since I will be working there through the holidays and into the new year probably, means that on days that they daycare is closed for the holidays, I don't have to worry about either finding a sitter or asking off.

This will allow me more time to look for something more concrete without stressing about living on one income.

Well, my creative juices were flowing tonight, and I made Kyndall a tutu for Christmas pictures. It turned out kinda cute! I learned how to make it by looking at this website. It was super easy! If you know how to tie knots, then you can do this! I am going to make one for a friend of mine's little one as well. I am also going to try to make a cute little shirt to go with the tutu by gluing a piece of ribbon onto the front of a onesie. I am going to have another friend make a bow using the same ribbon. (You can find her bows and things here.)

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