All I really want...

Serious things:

...is a good nights sleep
...a meal with just my husband without a little one climbing up one of us for food or getting upset because she doesn't have anything yet*
...to be debt free, or at least be able to pay all our bills, buy groceries, and have some left over
...to lose some weight

Fun things**:
...a snuggie, preferably the zebra one
...a hair cut and my brows done
...a pair of XXL men's flannel pants with pockets(I don't need them that big, but I like my comfy pants to be roomy)
...some more boxers to lounge and sleep in

*Its not that I don't love Kyndall, it'd just be nice to have some adult time just me and Chad.
**In hopes that certain someone(s) may be able to get some Christmas gift ideas since I can never really think of them when asked on the spot.

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