Thoughtless Thursday

I know I haven't done this in a while, but Thursdays mean "Thoughtless Thursday" over at Life in the Fulmer Lane, to whom a HUGE CONGRATS goes to!!! Yea for a baby!

So Katie, and everyone else, here's what you can expect when your little one finds the mud hole in the front yard!

No, that isn't poop all over the back of Kyndall's outfit, it is mud. From where you might ask? Our sidewalk. Yes, we have a small mud puddle on our front walkway, and Kyndall found it...

And she didn't just get it on her hiney. She got it all over her leg. Shes saving us money by doing mud baths at home, in our front yard, rather than the spa! Hey, you get what you can take, right? HA!

Here's Kyndall and Daddy playing with the grass after Kyndall gave up on playing in the mud.

So Katie, make sure you have plenty of OxyClean when your little one gets moving! You'll need it for lots of reasons!

Congrats again to the Fulmer's! November will be here before you know it!

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Katie said...

awww, thanks for playing and THANKS for the congrats!!! you sure made me smile today!!!

and is your hubs wearing a BAYLOR polo? me and my mister are both baylor grads!!! sic 'em bears!!!