How bed rest changed me...

I was on bed rest with BigK for just over a month, including 4 days in the hospital. With LittleK it was 13 weeks. 13 very long, boring weeks.

(BigK was my bed rest buddy)

Other than family and a FEW very close friends, I can count on one hand the number of people who reached out and helped.

Those 13 weeks, and really the past 16 months has really shown me who really cares. I don't know if that number would change now or not...

Before I was put on bed rest, I had a job. I had [what I thought were] friends. I had self confidence.

I wouldn't trade LittleK to have those back, but it changed my perspective on things.

Don't tell someone you'll bring food and then not. Don't tell someone you'll call and check in and then not. Don't tell them you'll take their older child(ren) to do something and then don't.

They are on bed rest. They won't be going anywhere other than the doctor's office. Call and let them know you're thinking about them. Call and see if you can come over. Pick up their older child(ren). They get bored too, and depending on their age won't understand why mom is home but can't do anything. Bring them food, especially if they have other kids. They are on bed rest for a reason. Standing and cooking for their family, while they probably want to, they probably shouldn't.

When someone is on bed rest, they thrive for human interaction. Before my mom was able to come down to help, I watched 4 seasons of Grey's Anatomy because it was just me and BigK when C was at work.

Check on your friends who are on bed rest!


Gabby said...

Oh, that sounds so hard! I have rough pregnancies, but I'm thankful I've never had mandatory bed rest. Found you through the Babies & Beyond link-up!

Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Bed rest sounds so hard. You are a strong mama for going through that.