12 months and counting

Kyndall and I went to her 12 month well baby check up yesterday with Dr. Hudson.

Poor baby got 5 shots and a finger prick. However, she took it like a champ! I gave her some infant Tylenol about 30 min. before her appointment, some right before nap at daycare, and then another dose before bed. Out of the 5 shots she got, 4 were new ones. She got the MMR, Chicken Pox, Hep. A, a flu booster, and the 4th dose of another one.

Her official weight is 17lbs 3oz, which is in the 3rd percentile of babies her age. (Which means that 97% of babies her age weigh more.) Her official height is 26in, which puts her completely off the charts for babies her age. Therefore, according to this chart, 100% of babies her age are taller than she is. I was a little concerned that we had dropped in both areas in the last 3 months, but her doctor didn't seem the least bit worried about it. He said that shes healthy and growing, just at her own pace.

The wanted to re-check her iron levels because last week when we had out WIC appointment, her levels were low. The nurse called me back later that afternoon and said that everything came back normal and no signs of anemia. Which is what we wanted to hear!

So I just have a teeny tiny little girl who is healthy and as fun as can be!

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