Oh how I love to shop!

Ok, so I've probably mentioned a few times that I love love love reading about Kelly and Harper at Kelly's Korner, so I figured I would join in on her "Show us your life" segment of her blog(on weeks that I feel I can actually relate). Each week she picks a different theme, or part of life, to high light. This week's theme: Where do you shop? This theme is easy for me since I love shopping!

So, where do I shop? It really depends on what I'm looking for...

When I'm looking for clothes for Kyndall, I go to:
From Target, I LOVE their Circo brand, and their Osh Kosh line!

I also shop at Gymboree for some of Kyndall's clothes. I had a picture of their logo, but I accidently deleted it, and I just really don't feel like messing with posting the picture again. Sorry. So instead, I will just give you the link. Gymboree.
When I go shopping for myself, I tend to shop at:

I may not enjoy being a plus sized person, but at least Lane Braynt has some pretty cute clothes and a fairly reasonable price. That way I don't have to look like such an old lady!
I tend not to get a lot of clothes for me from Target, but I do seem to find shoes, bags, picture frames, and some other fun things!
I am really excited that I am actually able to wear some clothes again from Old Navy. I used to be obsessed with Old Navy and that was practically all that I had in my closest, but then I got to big for their clothes, and I really don't like shopping online for clothes.

When we need something in bulk, where else is there to go, but:

I mean where else can you get like 20 rolls of paper towels for so little? Or diapers...360 of them in a box! Too bad they don't carry the size that we need right now, but once Kyndall has moved into size 3's, I do believe we are set!
As far as groceries go, we tend to shop at:

Yes, it may have something to do with the fact that I worked at Super 1 Foods for a little over 17 months and that Chad worked for the company as well, but now that we have no true connections to the place, we still shop there. Mainly because I know where almost everything is in the store, and I don't have to walk up and down every aisle like I do at Wal-Mart (aka, The Evil Empire to BGC partners). Yes, I still know most of the people who work there, and I enjoy seeing them, and they enjoy seeing Kyndall much more than they do me, but hey, she's not going to get there herself now is she?

As far as Chad goes, I tend to let him shop on his own. He is getting better about branching out and getting some dressier clothes. When we first met, all he wore was jeans and plaid shirts. Now, he is color blind so that did, and still does play a factor into how he shops, but hes does a pretty good job without me holding his hand.


Summer said...

Over from Kelly's!!
Your daughter is super cute by the way! It seems we like alot of the same stores LOL....


Have a great weekend
Summer :0)

Andrea said...

From Kelly's too....LOVE LOVE LOVE Childrens Place. It is my favorite place to shop for my little boy! :)

Lesli said...

First of all.. Kyndall is a doll!! She is so adorable.. I shop alot at the same stores as you, we love Sam's, you never know what you are going to find there! Hope you have a great weekend!

Summer said...

Thanks for your sweet comment.... Oh and thanks for giving me your Etsy website....I am all about tutu's and custom made clothing :0)