Mumbo Jumbo...

I couldn't really think of a title for this one, and I didn't really want to leave it blank...so Mumbo Jumbo it is.

If Kyndall could calm down and stop getting so excited over the idea of walking, I think she'd be walking by now. She'll get going and then get to excited about it that she'll loose her balance and fall down on her hiney. She is standing pretty much on her own a lot of the time now. Shes even started being able to stand and do something else at the same time- talk, dance, clap, drink, etc. But when she goes to take a step that excitement takes over, and down she goes. She does take a few steps here and there, and when she does, she has a huge smile on her face like shes so proud of herself. However, it is really funny to watch someone so little walking...I mean, shes just barely over 2 feet tall!

We had a pretty good weekend. But it was over WAY to fast! Friday night, we had a paint party with our Sunday School class to paint our new Sunday School room. We did this in our last room back in October, but we outgrew the room so they moved us to a bigger one. I didn't do much painting, but I did clean blinds. Chad pretty much kept up with Kyndall and another 1 year old. Saturday we didn't do much until that evening. That night, we went to IHOP with Chad's grandfather, mother, and her husband. Sunday, we tried, but we didn't make it to church. We did go to Target and got a pretty amazing deal on baby wipes and light bulbs though. We also went to Sam's to get a few bulk items(like 1000 note cards!), and then we went to the park.

Now its Monday, and its back to the grind. Kyndall didn't sleep well last night so this morning was a bit of a rough one to say the least. I have to be at work at 8 tomorrow instead of my usual noon, so hopefully tonight will be a better night than last!

My picture me Monday post will be made later once I am on the computer with the pictures.

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Summer said...

Kyndall is just a doll! She will be walking before ya know it! I never thought Kelcee would and at 14 mths she finally did....LOL

How fun painting the Sunday School class...o.k. maybe not the painting part but the finished product part LOL

I'm jealous it was pretty enough there to go to the park....we are having crummy cold weather

Summer :0)