Its Friday! Finally!

I don't think I could make it through today if it weren't Friday(and nap time with out by BBC mommas!). This has been one loooooooong week!
I'm not sure if its the weather or something in the water, but these kiddos* are wild! They have been restless all week long. Kyndall has also been a little "off" this week too. Hopefully this weekend will go by slow, and Monday will be a better day.
Kyndall is walking more and more every day. She still prefers crawling to get somewhere in a hurry and at school, but at home shes getting braver and more confident each day. I was thinking that she would be a full blown walker by this weekend, but it looks like it may be another week or 2. Believe me, I'm not rushing her to grow up, but I just get so excited to see her reach new milestones!
We are going to a birthday party tomorrow for one of my friends. Her youngest daughter is turning 1 on Monday, and they are celebrating tomorrow. We may also go see Pawpa and Granny on Sunday. They haven't seen Kyndall walk at all so hopefully she'll show off a little for them.
My business is going well. Since Sunday when the Super Bowl teams were announced, we have had 8 tutu sets ordered and quite a few bows as well. I'm ready for the Super Bowl to be over so I can stop looking at black and gold tulle. HA!
I am going to post Kyndall's 13 month report tomorrow. I can't believe that shes already 13 months old! That's pretty insane. It doesn't seem like she should be that old yet. Oh well, I guess time really does fly when you're having fun!

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