Before the Rain

Yesterday, we went out to Chad's grandfather's house so that Kyndall could run around and not have her parents worry.

Our yard, both front and back, are super wet so if we go outside to play, its on the sidewalk or in the driveway. Not so much fun.

Chad's grandfather lives out in the country so Kyndall had plenty of room to run and play.

Running with the flower she picked(with daddy's help.)
Peaking through the "window" of flowers and rail at the door of the hot house.
Sitting in the best seat in the yard!
Popple(Chad's grandfather) picked a flower for Kyndall.

We took Kyndall's bubbles and big ball. She played with the ball but wasn't so interested in the bubbles. However, she kept the spoon(in her right hand) with her ALL afternoon!

We would have played longer, but once we went in for pie, it started to rain so that was the end of our play day at Popple's house.

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