Friday! My weekend starts at 6:00 tonight, and I'm really excited about it! We don't have anything planned, but I'm ready for a break.
Today Chad is doing another full day of ride-alongs so he won't be home until sometime after 11 tonight. I'm not sure what Kyndall and I are doing this evening after work. We've been invited to a friends house, but I haven't heard back from her on details. If we don't go over there, than we'll come home and just hang out. I may try to weigh her on the Wii to see if we've broken the 19lb mark.
Tomorrow there isn't a lot going on either. I plan on trying to go through Kyndall's closet and weed out some clothes that she can't wear anymore or won't be able to wear because they are the wrong size for that season. I have 4 friends, that I can think of off the top of my head, that are all having girls somewhere between late July- late August! Other than that, I'm not sure what we'll do.
Sunday will be church and then just hanging out as a family that afternoon before the next week starts.
What are you doing this weekend?

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