Finally Friday! This week, Friday came a day early. Since today is Good Friday, I was off!
Kyndall let me sleep until about 7:45, but we cuddled in bed and watched Handy Manny until about 8:30. Chad had his ambulance ride-alongs today so he was up and at 'em around 6 this morning. I was thinking that if I knew I had to do those, I would be sick with nerves all the night before.
Kyndall and I went to Wal-Mart and got a few things, and then we went to eat with my aunt and her sister. They came all this way to give Kyndall her Easter gifts. So sweet! She got a bunny puzzle, a carrot that turns into a bunny with really big ears, and 4 little animal eggs. After lunch, Kyndall went down for a nap and I did some laundry. When Chad got home, we went outside and played with chalk. Then we went to eat with Chad's step-sister and 2 of our nieces and went to Target to look.
Tomorrow Kyndall and I are going to a birthday party. We may also go out to see Granny and Pawpa. I think we're going to dye eggs as well.
Sunday, of course is Easter! Which means fancy new clothes and celebrating the fact that Jesus rose from the grave after dieing on the cross bridging the gap between man(the sinner) and God. What could be more special and worth celebrating than that?

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