Thoughtless Thursday

Thursday's mean Thoughtless Thursday over at Life in the Fulmer Lane.

Both of these pictures were taken Easter afternoon. We took Kyndall to see Granny and Pawpa.

Here she is "ignoring" Pawpa because he was trying to get bunny, which she had been giving to him and taking back all afternoon. Now, for her to give bunny to someone is a BIG thing. Kyndall doesn't just give bunny to just anyone, so Pawpa must be pretty special!

Now shes shaking her hips and laughing as if to say, "ha ha Pawpa, come and get me!"

She was being a total goof ball that afternoon. Shes such a ham!


Summer said...

That is ha-larious! Love her dance moves....Her paw-paw must be real special for her to share her bunny LOL

Summer :0)

Katie said...

TOO CUTE! thanks for playing today :)

Kate said...

These pics are so sweet! Sounds like you guys had a great Easter! Your blog header is super cute by the way!

Kim said...

Thanks Kate!