30 weeks

We made it to 30 weeks! Only 6 more til we reach our first goal. Been on MBR for 4 weeks. I have good days and bad days, but that's to be expected.

Here is a new bump picture- please don't mind the dirty mirror. 

We had our weekly appointment on Tuesday. We tried for a NST, but Little K just wasn't cooperating. We could only get a good reading for just a few minutes. Getting a full 30 min was going to be next to impossible. She did get the hiccups while on the monitor, and C and I couldn't help but laugh. Because we couldn't get a good strip, we headed to the sono. She was doing everything she needed to do, and was even practicing her breathing as soon as we got in.

We also finally got a good face shot. She's still in the frank breech position, but her feet are to the side instead of directly in front of her face. You can see her leg to the side and her foot just above her head.

Back on Tuesday.


The Life Of Faith said...

You look great! Following along from the Mommy Mixer:)


Rachel said...

Love those 4d scans. We don't get them in the UK unless we pay especially. Congrats on your pregnancy!

Camille said...

Aww, look at that little face. :) Good luck with the bed rest, I know it can drive you crazy!

The Not Quite Military Wife said...

What a sweet little face! And I love how you can actually see her little feet in the picture too! Thanks for linking up for Mommy Moments Monday!

Callie Nicole said...

Ah, I love 4D ultrasounds - so sweet!