29 week rundown

Wow! We have made it to 29 weeks. Baby will be here sometime in the next 10!

We have started the prepreation for Kynzie. C brought in the car seat and swing from the garage, and we have cleaned the stand/bases and have washed the fabric parts.

Kyndall is getting more excited. She tells everybody she sees that she's going to be a big sister. Not sure if that excitment will continue once baby is here, but I'm pretty sure she'll do fine.

My mom will be here either tomorrow or Wednesday to help out since I'm still on bedrest.

I have my weekly doctors appointment on Thursday. We will also have our first BPP that day.

If you are here from the Life of Faith Mommy Moments Blog Hop, welcome! Feel free to read back.


Callie Nicole said...

So scary to be on bedrest - is it slight pre-ecplampsia, or pregnancy induced hypertension? I had pre-ecplampsia with my son and I"m hoping it won't be a repeat this time around!

Kim said...

It is slight Pre-e so far. We caught it super early and taking precautions now to hopefully ward off full blown Pre-e. I had full blown with my oldest, had her via emergency c/s at 34wks because of it.