28 weeks

I have made it to goal #3- 28 weeks. This marks the beginning of the 3rd trimester. Some people call this the beginning of the end. I've been on bed rest for 1wk5d. We are aiming for 36 weeks which is only 8 weeks away, but my doctor would much rather me get further along than that.

I am now going weekly to the doctor. Ultrasounds are still every 4 weeks, unless my doctor changes that tomorrow. I will probably start non-stress tests soon. I'm not sure if they will be weekly or every other week.

I think I read somewhere that, at this point in pregnancy, every day the baby stays put in the womb, it equates to 4-6 less needed in the NICU. (This was not a credited site so that could be wrong, someone correct me if they know better.) Every day is a blessing, as boring as it may be.

(And yes, this picture was a screen shot from my phone...)

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