Cooking with Big K

Tonight I decided to let Big K cook dinner. Both courses. (She did have some help with dessert, but did most of it on her own.)

A few months back, I found a make your own pizza kit that has everything in it. 4 crusts, 4 packs of sauce, cheese, and pepperoni(though we always add more). Big K has enjoyed making them each time. I just open the packs and she goes to town.

Tonight's pizzas were very cheesy and pepperoni-y. They were yummy.

 While the pizzas were cooking, Gma and Big K made brownies!

Very excited.

Pouring the oil all by herself. Such a big girl.

Big K has gotten to do a lot of cooking since Gma came in. She helped make mac&cheese the other day. Pretty sure she's enjoying all this attention!

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Mommys Juice said...

My son's school sold similar pizza kits as a fundraiser. For once something I actually wanted to buy!! They loved making them. Great idea! Following back from the hop. Thanks for stopping by!