Dresser ReDo

C and Big K took on a Sunday project yesterday. They refinished a dresser.

This was my dresser growing up, then my brother used it for a bit, then it got moved to Big K's room until recently, and now its going to Little K's room, so it's at least 29 years old. However, it needed a face lift before it was nursery ready.


C and Big K sanding it down.

C starting to put the new color on.

Big K decided she needed a dance break while daddy was working on the big part.

Big K got in on the painting action when it came time to paint the drawers.

Add a second coat and some new drawer pulls, and you've got a new dresser!

Now, to get the crib, and rearrange the room a bit, and things should be ready when Little K makes her debut.


Anonymous said...

Hey! It's Roni from HomePayge blog:) Thanks for coming by and supporting HomePayge! I'm now following you back and am so excited to find this post! I've been considering doing some furniture re-dos and I'm so intimidated by it! Yours looks amazing! Great job!

Roni @ HomePayge blog

Kristina said...

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Danielle Barfield said...

Beautiful Dresser! I'm your newest follower, just stopping by from the "Mom's Monday Mingle" blog hop. If ya get a chance, check out these blogs:

Stefani said...

So cute!! And I'm super impressed that you used glossy paint. We tried that on a hutch a while back and it was so hard for me to keep things looking even. So...kudos.

Thanks for the follow! I'm following back now. :-)