32 weeks

Wow! 32 weeks. That's only 4 weeks away from our first goal. CRAZY!

This week(and next week for that matter) was a busy one. I had a NST on Monday, a BPP and growth scan on Wednesday, and then an appointment this morning.

Little K decided to be stubborn this week. It took us almost an hour on the monitor to get a good looking strip, and didn't really want to move during the BPP yesterday. My appointment went well so at least something went "normal" this week.

Back next week for the same schedule. The ladies at the front desk now just see me and print off my check in paper and hand it to me on my way through. They don't even ask me my name anymore...I feel like I should move in.

I also had a small shower today at work. It was good to see them and get to talk since it's been 6 weeks since I've been able to go to work.

We got lots of diapers and some other goodies. :) Had some yummy snack food too!


Morgan said...

Congrats on your little one! I go in weekly for BPPs too and feel the same way...might as well move in! haha. Good luck and here's to hoping we both make it to term!

katie ridings said...

tons of diapers!! PERFECT.

Sarah Avila said...

It sounds like a busy week! But it is nice when the people at the office actually know you and you don't feel like a number.

The shower sounded fun; and who doesn't love diapers as a gift!

Thanks for linking up!