Fall Fest

Gma took Big K to a couple of fall fests yesterday. Here is a look at the 2nd one she went to.

Yes, I know, Big K is supposed to be in her Snow White costume, but there were bounce houses and hay, and I really didn't want her doing those things in that costume since it was pretty expensive, and it came from Disney World during her Princess Makeover. So we decided that she'd be a Baylor cheerleader since they were playing.

Facepaint! True fan. We got to start 'em young, and raise 'em right, right?

Cake Walk

She won!


She adores Happy the Clown! Although, she calls him Silly clown for whatever reason, but either way she was super excited to see him. He as at the first fall fest they had gone to as well.

Thanks Gma for taking Big K out today! I know it was tiring, but I know she had more fun going than she would have staying at home.

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