Little K's room

Well, if you remember last week, C and Big K and Gma put together the crib. (You don't? Well, here it is.) Once we got that together, we were able to get the rest of the room done. Gma is still residing in there, and Gpa will join her closer to Christmas. However, Little K probably won't make the transition to her room for a while, but it sure is nice knowing that other than finding a new cover for the twin bed, maybe a few odds and ends, and making a cover for the new rocking chair cushion, the room is done!

We were going to get a new lamp shade for an old lamp, but I never saw one that I really liked. Gma found this one, and I think it goes pretty well with the room. One of my coworkers made the pink cross above the dress (remember that redo?), and I think it matches perfectly!

Diaper cake from the shower on top of the armoire.

Window valance and bow holder. Don't worry, she'll have plenty of bows on it soon! I need to go through Big K's and move some of her smaller ones over.

Looking from the dresser towards crib,

These letters are super cute, and I must throw out a HUGE Thank You to C for doing them because I know he was about ready to throw them out the window.

This table was in my grandparents house and is from the 1960's. We refinished it was well as the rocker that was in my nursery, and Big K's.

A cute little castle above the door for Princess #2.


themosbysinchina said...

That table and rocker are amazing! That's so awesome! Like a family heirloom. Love the crib, too! Everything looks great!

Kim said...

Thanks. Most of the furniture in her room is 29 years or older.

Dawns Disaster said...

Looks beautiful!

Thanks for linking up with Super Sunday Sync, we're glad you stopped, hope to see you next week!

Katie said...

How sweet! I especially love the castle above the door frame.