Field Trip!

Today, Big K got to go on her very first field trip! Part of my was super excited for her, and the other part was a little sad. I was sad because, if I weren't on bed rest, I would have been able to go with her. Not just go with her, but get to drive the bus that she got to ride for the first time as well. Oh well, there will be other field trips, and I thank Gma for being up for going! I can know that a field trip with about 30 three through five year olds can be exhausting. They went to a local church that had a pumpkin patch.

Here she is with her best friend, T!

On the hayride.

Barrel train ride with B. Gma told me she was on the only one who rode backwards, and after seeing other pictures, she was the only one backwards, but she was also in the only car that didn't have 3 kids in it.

Going through the little maze they had set up. Big K told me all about this when she got home.

Her class at the pumpkin patch.

Snack time!

This kid LOVES bounce houses.

First ever bus ride!

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James Gibson said...

Cute pictures thank you for sharing.