30 days of Thankfulness

I did the 30 days of thankfulness challenge, but figured it'd be easier to post all 30 things in one post so here goes:

1. For my God, who loves me and forgives me no matter what I do, and who sent His Son to die for me.

2. C. We've had put ups and downs over the past 6 1/2 years, but I know he loves me and wants the best for me an the girls.

3. Big K. She may be a toot at times, but she brings so much joy and love into this family. My world would be so different without her.

4. The freedom of religion. While we may not all have the same views, I am free to go to the church I want, believe what I want, be a Christian in a place where I know I won't be put in jail or shot for sharing the name of Jesus Christ.

5. My mom. I mean come on, she left her house and my dad alone, for a really long time so that she could be here to help while I've been on bed rest.

6. The right to vote. We don't live in a dictatorship. We can pick who we want, even though we may not all want the same person, but at least we can voice our opinion.

7. My doctor who has watched out for me, been supportive, encouraging, and been very proactive this whole pregnancy.

8. Friends who leave work to take me to the hospital.

9. My doctor. I have read some horror stories, and am very thankful that my doctor has been super proactive and listens to my concerns and checks them out. If you've read any of my blog from the past, you know I've had a roller coaster of a pregnancy, so yes, I'm thankful for my doctor twice.

10. Naps.

11. Our Armed Forces.

12. Text messages during NSTs.

13. My bosses. May not have been to work since late August, but they work with us and let Big K still participate in the fun things that are on days she doesn't normally go to school.

14. That Kyndall gets so much joy out of learning her Bible verse and doing her Cubbies book every week.

15. A day at home with C.

16. Getting to go to Big K's Thanksgiving feast at school. (doctor approved)

17. The March of Dimes.

18. Random gifts.

19. Getting to see Little K's face.

20. A box full of goodies from a good friend.

21. Stores that are open the day before Thanksgiving.

22. Food to eat.

23. Pumpkin pie

24. Target.

25. Pedicures and Christmas lights.

26. Little K- a 6lbs7oz, 19in perfect miracle

27. Pain killers, showers, and my own clothes.

28. Home and my own bed.

29. Getting to go out.

30. My family.

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Meryl said...

I love this post. It is so important for us to stop and realize that there is so much to be thankful for, and your list inspires others.

I am your newest follower (returning your follow) and look forward to more visits.