35 week update

35 weeks! 5 weeks away from our due date. CRAZY!! Well, actually, its more like 35 weeks 3 days now, but sometime within the next 5 weeks Little K will be making her grand appearance.

I was originally scheduled to go up to the office 3 times, but due to an emergency surgery, my appointment that was supposed to be today got moved to yesterday. I'm ok with that. That meant one less trip to the office. The front desk ladies asked me yesterday if they'd see me again this week or if we had gotten lucky. I almost feel like I need to take them a cookie basket or something after all this is over. Most of them know me by name and are cheering me on as we near the finish line.

Monday's appointment went well. Had our weekly NST, which we passed. Took a little while, but everything looked good. Also had the Group B Strep test done.

Yesterday though, things were a little crazier than we would have liked, but in the end everything was fine. My blood pressure was back up into the range that started this whole bed rest adventure. The nurse checked it again about 10 minutes later, and it was lower, but still elevated. Then Dr. H came in to check it- you know its concerning when the doctor checks it! It was still elevated.

We were sent to our scheduled BPP knowing that depending on how that went would determine if we had won an express ticket to L&D. We got a little worried when Little K decided to be stubborn and sleep through all the attempts to get her moving, but about 20 minutes into the 30, she woke up. After finally passing the BPP, we went back down to Dr. H for yet another BP reading. This time it was much lower, and she was less worried than she was when the whole adventure had started that morning.

I don't go back to see Dr. H until Wednesday, which seems really weird since it'll be a whole week, and I've gotten into the routine of seeing her on Mondays and then again on Thursday or Fridays.


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5 more weeks :)

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Glad that everything is working out ok for your pregnancy. It definitely is terrifying when you get little scares. So excited to see baby pictures! You look great for how far along you are! Just found your blog and have loved getting to know you better. I'm excited to follow along!

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Glad everything turned out well! Five weeks to go...almost there! :-)

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You have had quite an "exciting" pregnancy! Glad everything appears well! It won't be long now!!