It's Chili Time!

I think fall has finally decided to come to Texas. C decided that because 1) he was home and 2) because it has started to cool off, he'd make Popple's chili. He only made a 1/2 batch because the other name for this is 16 scout chili, meaning a full batch will feed 16 hungry Boy Scouts.

You cook it in a dutch oven, but that's all I can tell you since it's a family recipe. It's super yummy!

Big K actually ate some this time. She's never really been old enough to try it, but she did this time.

It was super HOT when she took her first bite!

However, once it cooled off, she ate a pretty good amount of it. I have to admit, she ate more than I expected her to. (Along with 2 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.)

As you can imagine, if a full batch feeds 16 scouts, a 1/2 batch is WAY more than 3 adults and a 3 year old could eat. We have plenty leftover. I think C is going to take some to work with him tomorrow.

Hopefully this won't be the only time this season that C makes this chili.

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