36 week review

We can now count the weeks on less than one hand, and can ALMOST count the days on just one person's fingers and toes. That milestone will happen Tuesday when we hit 37 weeks 1 day.

This week has been a doozy.

Wednesday we had our weekly NST. Little K was asleep, and wasn't wanting to do anything but sleep. There was very little action on the strip. The nurse came in and made me roll to my side and then buzzed baby. That got her going- after a while. Dr. H was about ready to send us over to sono for a BPP, but was happy with the readings once Little K woke up.

Yesterday, I started feeling really funny. Of course no one was home but me and Big K and Dr. H wanted me to head to L&D. I had to make a few frantic phone calls to get a ride. C was at work so he had to make a few phone calls as well...In the end though, after a couple of hours of monitoring, we were sent home.

Today, was our weekly BPP. Again, Little K was being lazy, but she did what she was supposed to do- with a little encouragement to get the last couple of things done. Little K is still head down, but is looking to the right side. Her foot is still also by her head so she's still folded in half, but at least she's head down. I have also gone from modified bed rest to strict bed rest.

Movement has decreased, but I know that as baby gets bigger, it will because of the lack of room left to move. Braxton Hicks have increased, and unfortunately, that's all they are. There has been no cervical change other than hard and closed.

Because I go so often, my doctor has me schedule my appointments a few weeks out, and today, we scheduled my LAST appointment. At that appointment, we will discuss what will happen the morning of my c-section.


Tammy Northrup said...

Following from the Super Sunday Blog Hop! Congratulations on your new baby. I haven't read your earlier posts yet to see why but I assume from this one you are having a complicated pregnancy. My last baby was high risk and born premature but today you would never know it. :) Can't wait to see pictures of your new baby once she's born.

Sarah Avila said...

Kim - You are getting so close! Do you have a date scheduled for your c-section?

Lifting you up in prayer in these final weeks!


Kim said...

I do, but we aren't spreading that date because we don't want a lot of people at the hospital before Big K gets to see her little sister.

Thank you for the prayers.

Helene said...

SOOO close! congrats!

Jillian @ Hi! It's Jilly said...

How exciting! I hope everything goes well!

Thanks for linking up with the Weekend Blog Walk!

Hi! It's Jilly

My name is Nicole Nolley said...

praying for youand just remmber your labor will be perfect for your baby...blessings and miracles...Nicole

Jessica said...

Good luck with everything! Thanks for stopping by and following my blog... I'm following you back now, too. :)

Best wishes for you and your baby!

What's in a Name?

My name is Jessica said...

Thank you so much for following along! Good luck with the end of your pregnancy!

morgan said...

congratulations on your new baby! haven't read any of your posts (yet!) but i am looking forward to! following your blog on gfc now via the gfc blog hop! looking forward to future posts.